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Terms of Service

(Effective Date: 2013, February 18)

The terms of service from the date of signature by the QiMingYunTong entered into between the parties QiMingYunTong International Freight Agency and the QiMingYunTong, both parties are required to comply with the Terms of Service. The terms of the alleged shipment, has arrived in my company or the receipt of the goods by our staff, each shipment transport of the provisions relating to the limitation of liability provisions will apply. If the QiMingYunTong requires a greater degree of protection, insurance can be purchased separately.

Limit Send Prohibited shipment

QiMingYunTong agree Jiaoji shipments are transportable.

Following the shipment is not acceptance:

1) belonging to the International Air Cargo Association (IATA), the International Civil Aviation organization (ICAO) and other relevant government departments or organizations under the hazardous materials, dangerous goods, as well as items that are prohibited or restricted items (limit posting: battery, battery included items, emergency medicines for medical or scientific research, sporting firearms, live animals, not to exceed the standard magnetic items, perishable goods, radioactive substances, vaccines, personal seal or official seal, etc.).

2) Seaward considered not safe, lawful transportation of goods (including but not limited to: counterfeit and shoddy goods, spray container of alcoholic liquids, asbestos, butane lighters, medical waste, toxic substances, corrosive materials, food, tea, cash, checks, counterfeit currency, drugs, dry ice, inflammable and explosive materials, pornographic materials, more than the standard magnetic items, oxide and organic peroxides, weapons and ammunition, the solubility of paints and coatings, animals, cash, bearer negotiable instruments, precious metals and minerals, firearms, ammunition, body, pornography and illegal narcotic drugs / narcotics and other local law prohibited items in the mail).

Second, inspection

QiMingYunTong reserves the right without prior notice to the QiMingYunTong of the shipment sampling Kaifeng inspection, such as found to limit Send Prohibitions, QiMingYunTong will be detained the day of shipment, not the shipping processing. Shipment detained after a week returned to the QiMingYunTong, and the QiMingYunTong the contraband inspection fee shall Shihua pay 50 yuan / times.

Third, delivery and not delivery

QiMingYunTong provide the accuracy and completeness of the recipient, the shipment is not in accordance with a PO Box (PO BOX) or only by zip code delivery, the delivery will be the QiMingYunTong provides the recipient address (postal delivery the first recipient of the mail should be regarded as the consignee), but not necessarily directly delivered to the recipient. If the recipient address has centralized receiving point, the shipment would be assigned to the receiving point.

One of the following circumstances, will be a reasonable way of QiMingYunTong QiMingYunTong may request process the items bear the additional costs incurred by the QiMingYunTong:

1) the recipient refused to accept shipment or pay taxes;

2) The shipment is considered to be unacceptable;

3) Customs QiMingYunTong clearance does not match with the actual goods (The cargo clearance issued invoice QiMingYunTong QiMingYunTong, such as customs request the real QiMingYunTong seal the clearance information, the QiMingYunTong may need to cooperate with the Customs processing);

4) can not be determined or find a recipient.

If the QiMingYunTong can not provide timely treatment advice or the country of destination unacceptable to the Government the QiMingYunTong's handling views QiMingYunTong the right to abandon the shipment, and do not have to accept any responsibility for the QiMingYunTong or other people.

Fourth, freight

Seaward website freight does not include the remote fees and special products, special additional packaging costs, some freight need goods actual weight or volume of the calculation of the standard, whichever is higher, Seaward of any goods weighed and measured to confirm the calculated data. The QiMingYunTong should Seaward pay or return transportation services received by or on behalf of the QiMingYunTong, the recipient, and any third-party Seaward own all freight surcharges, storage charges, customs duties and other taxes ( part of the courier might not be able to know in advance the additional costs, the final cost carrier billing date); When QiMingYunTong is also the case of non-delivery of the shipment of the consignment is referred to in clause 3, shall pay all by this triggered the return shipping and import costs, compensation, damages, fines and other related expenses.

Fifth, return the goods

1) the QiMingYunTong to entrust QiMingYunTong Carriage shipment delivery and can not be delivered, "said one of the reasons this Agreement, the two sides confirmed by QiMingYunTong returned to the domestic operations center.

2) Seaward shipment be returned to the QiMingYunTong is not promised the Seaward specific notification time shall prevail.

3) QiMingYunTong shipments stranded by the QiMingYunTong for any reason, can provide 7 days free custody services, 7 days QiMingYunTong will contact the QiMingYunTong to solicit opinions on handling telephone, mail; over seven days UWCCB related costs charged to the QiMingYunTong International will be the business of Shenzhen Warehouse; exceeding 6 months or more, the QiMingYunTong has not given treatment advice QiMingYunTong as the case may be destroyed.

VI Seaward responsibility

The QiMingYunTong direct loss is limited to the terms of the QiMingYunTong of the responsibility of, and does not exceed the limits of the various modes of transport announced. QiMingYunTong is not liable for any other loss or damage (including but not limited to profits, income, interest and future business losses) due to the QiMingYunTong in advance of the special risks insured, regardless of other loss or damage is special or indirect Seaward whether before or after accepting shipments even know existed such loss or damage risk. Each vote shipments can only be made once the claim, and such compensation will be as full and final solution of the loss and damage. If the QiMingYunTong that the compensation provisions of the Terms will not be enough to compensate for its loss, the value of the goods should own insurance, otherwise, the QiMingYunTong will assume all the risk of loss and damage.

7, cargo tracking

Carriers can provide query freight cargo (other than ordinary packet mode) one of the following occurs, the QiMingYunTong can query QiMingYunTong applications:

1) goods not the normal processing timeliness display online tracking information;

2) goods in excess of the chosen mode of transport commitment aging is not delivered success;

3) goods in the selected freight corresponding query on the site to display successful delivery, the recipient reaction did not receive the package (Central European the Line EUEXP except);

4) The recipient reaction to damage to the goods, reduce, and issued goods inconsistencies;

5) generates unknown costs.

QiMingYunTong should be in the delivery to ensure the goods detailed and accurate information, queries goods must provide information in the query, as a result of goods issued by the information and submit the information does not match the query, or the QiMingYunTong submit cargo information does not match the query conditions caused by the carriers refuse to query all the losses and responsibilities borne by the QiMingYunTong. International transportation shipment queries the existence of time, space and transit links limit the query of different countries and different modes of transport, there are differences, the Seaward will use reasonable efforts to QiMingYunTong FedEx, but right carriers delay Reply responsibility.

Eight claims

Any claims must be after the end of the query period QiMingYunTong Freight way.

1) Seaward internal loss

QiMingYunTong sign for shipment to QiMingYunTong will be posted shipment between the carriers, the event of the loss of shipment, QiMingYunTong will be liable for damages. The amount of the obligation under the QiMingYunTong to the reporting in Seaward system input value or products the actual value (ie, customers provide proof of purchase and invoice, etc.), the two, whichever is lower. The individual parcels maximum amount of compensation does not exceed $ 100.

2) carriers lost

Shipment from QiMingYunTong issued, the carriers will provide a handover certificate. If a shipment is lost, the liability is that the carriers. QiMingYunTong will assist clients claim to the carrier, the claims amount according to the compensation provisions of the air cargo.

3) Seaward operation causes a shipment sent to the wrong address

Shipment sent to the wrong address due to Seaward operational reasons, QiMingYunTong will be received by mail or courier costs refunded to the customer can choose the compensation for the value of goods and declared value lower bear parcels returned from abroad in Shenzhen ordinary International, the lowest cost way to surface postage postal packet is forwarded to the correct address to send the wrong address for processing. But bears indirect economic losses sent the wrong shipment.

4) the parcel is lost due to Customs checks

Shipment through customs, customs Open shipment inspection, may cause loss of parcels, parcel post items (in whole or in part) is lost or seized. QiMingYunTong does not assume any liability resulting.

Nine, transport delays

QiMingYunTong Web site, the delivery time is QiMingYunTong pickup time, sorting sorting centers and customs clearance time from the start to the time of arrival of the goods at the operating records in the corresponding website, but does not include. These standards are not part of the commitment, nor does it constitute an integral part of the agreement. QiMingYunTong shipping delays is not the result of any loss or damage responsibility.

X. force majeure

QiMingYunTong is not liable for loss or damage caused by reasons beyond the carriers control range. These reasons include, but are not limited to: natural disasters, such as earthquake, tornado, storm, flood, fog; force majeure, war, plane crash or embargo; shipment inherent defect or characteristic (Seaward if known); riots or civil unrest; QiMingYunTong employees or non QiMingYunTong staff do not have a contractual relationship act or omission, such as the QiMingYunTong, the consignee, the third man, customs or other government departments; labor events; electronic audio and video picture data or records electromagnetic damaged or deleted.

11, the QiMingYunTong of the guarantee and liability

The QiMingYunTong is in violation of the relevant laws and regulations or breach of the following warranties and representations, the QiMingYunTong shall bear all costs incurred and compensation to QiMingYunTong loss and damage caused by:

1) the QiMingYunTong or his agent to provide all information is complete and accurate;

2) The goods are safe premise by the QiMingYunTong or his employees prepared;

3) prepare the goods for the QiMingYunTong enough reliable;

4) the QiMingYunTong should ensure that the goods in the process of preparation, storage and transportation Seaward from unauthorized interference;

5) the goods all the logos complete, accurate, clear address, and packed to ensure safe transport ordinary care;

6) to comply with the provisions of the relevant provisions of the Customs, import and export, as well as other laws and regulations.

XII route

QiMingYunTong accept all carriers arrangements routes and deviation, including possible transport transit point.

13, account auditing certification

QiMingYunTong before QiMingYunTong, to provide real and effective information of account activation certified. Account is activated properly enjoy the services provided by QiMingYunTong. See the the "Seaward account activation notified.

Fourteen, the applicable law and dispute resolution

Taking into account the Seaward interests conflict with applicable law, all disputes with the terms and conditions will be subject to the State Court Sent shipment original non-exclusive jurisdiction and the original Sent applicable law of the State, the QiMingYunTong can not revocation of acceptance of the jurisdiction.

XV Severability

Any part of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, does not affect the validity and enforceability of the other terms.